51ɫAPP cancer support

We can support you wherever you are from our 51ɫAPP across the UK.

Our support

51ɫAPP help and information from professional staff or join groups and classes to make coping with cancer easier.

We're here with you

You don’t need to live near a Maggie51ɫAPPs to get cancer support. Search for your nearest centre geographically, leave your details and a cancer support specialist will call you.

When we're open

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. You don't need an appointment, just come in.

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Kalida Barcelona

Hospital Sant Pau,

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Maggie's Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Hospital,

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Maggie's Tokyo

6-4-18, Toyosu, 135-0061

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Warm and welcoming spaces

Everything you see is designed with you in mind. You won't see a reception desk, or signs on the walls; no name badges or uniforms. There are no clocks either, as we want you to feel you can stay for as long as you need, and come back as often as you like. 

The kettle is always on, so make yourself a cup of tea and join others at the kitchen table, find a space to take a quiet moment or talk to us. You're always welcome.

51ɫAPP our buildings

Everyone's home of cancer care 

If you or someone you love has cancer, Maggie51ɫAPPs is here with you.

No matter what you’re facing, our support specialists, psychologists and benefits advisors are here to help you find your way to live with cancer. 

We51ɫAPPll offer you support that fits your needs. Even our buildings are a bit special, and different from a hospital. Every Maggie51ɫAPPs is as unique as you are.

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