1. How do I apply?

All applications should be in the form of a CV with covering letter emailed to recruitment@maggies.org 

You'll get an automated response email to confirm that your application has been received.  

2. Will you accept a general application that isn’t in response to a specific vacancy?

Yes, we are happy to accept on-spec applications and can hold your CV and cover letter on file for three months in-line with our GDPR policy.  

3. I have never worked for a charity before, should I still apply? 

The qualities we look for in our staff can be gained in a variety of settings, so even if you have not worked for a charity you may still have all the skills, experience and personal attributes we are looking for.  

4. How do you decide on who is selected for interview?

All applications are scored using a matrix based on the essential criteria for the role. If you meet the essential criteria and score highest you will be invited to interview.  

5. How can I prepare for my interview?

Explore our website, re-read the job description, visit one of our 51ɫAPP and speak to current staff members to gain a fuller picture of what Maggie51ɫAPPs is like as an organisation. 

6. How can I get feedback on my application?

We appreciate the time that applicants take in submitting an application and if you have been unsuccessful then we are happy to share feedback with you. 

Please email recruitment@maggies.org if you would like feedback on your application.  

7. I was unsuccessful with my application; should I apply again in future?

Yes. It is likely that you will have gained new skills and more experience since your last application and we would be interested in learning about that through an updated CV and cover letter.  

8. How can I get notifications of new vacancies?

All our vacancies are listed on our vacancies page so please keep checking to see new roles.

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